Day Three

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Today has been a fairly good day so far, I have stayed within the zone finally.

Was on the message boards tonight though, when I came across someone asking about the Wendi Plan. So, I thought to myself I will take a look.

Sounds pretty good to me, so this week I am gonna give it a whirl!

If anyone has already tried this, then your comments would be welcome.

Here's how my week pans out:

Day 1 (Thursdays) =22 points
Day 2 (Fridays) =19
Day 3 (Saturdays) =31 (High Day Woop)
Day 4 (Sundays) =17 (Low Day)
Day 5 (Mondays) =21
Day 6 (Tuesdays) =20
Day 7 (Wednesdays) =17 (WI Day)


Hayley AKA Cup-cake on WW forums. said...

Good luck! I have no idea what the wendi plan is but hopre it works for you xx